Friday, May 14, 2021 written by Jennie Kwok.

COVID-19 has affected the overall dynamic of society—drastically changing all of our lives over the past year. Many individuals experienced an impact on relationships, activities, health, finances, and work. Difficulties that arose were quick and unexpected, especially for students and educators. The majority of our students who are at or below the poverty level were confronted with widening economic inequality. Families who had limited access to technology were falling behind in school without proper infrastructure for distanced learning. Most of our students are English second-language learners, so teaching in masks and online was a huge obstacle. However, our incredible teachers were able to rapidly adjust to all of the challenges that emerged. Teachers are always heroes. This year, they were tasked to work twice as hard as they taught both in-person and remotely which makes them SUPER heroes.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers have been remarkable during the pandemic, through both in-person teaching and online. We celebrated them with a special treat every day. Thank you teachers for making a difference in the lives of our students, your work does not go unnoticed! Additionally, we want to thank the many local businesses that helped us make the week special. We especially appreciate the donated treats from RubySnap Fresh Cookies (left) and Great Harvest! With the help of these donated items, we were able to bring Buzzed Coffee Truck (right) onto campus, cater lunch from La-Cai Noodle House, and give all of our teachers a Guadalupe School mug to remind them of how important they are every day.

Rebecca (left) has been an English Language Acquisition Specialist in Adult Education for 15 years. She is an instructor in our Family Literacy program, teaching English and also shining a spotlight on the language skills parents need to help their kids succeed in school.  Rebecca is known for her painstaking curriculum design and carefully thought-out lesson plans. The students love her kindness and her clear speech. She entertains her coworkers with her terrible puns!

Elizabeth (right) is fairly new to our team and has recently taken the position of Career and Technology Specialist. She has many responsibilities that touch the student community: teaching computer skills, helping students set goals and counseling them on career and academic advancement. This is a new position on our team this year, and Elizabeth is helping us invent it as we go along!

Kate Brainerd, Adult Education Director

Our Toddler Beginning Team (top left) is full of joy. This team brings energy, love, caring, and joy to the toddler class every day and our youngest children feel special while in their care. Thanks to this team of educators, our children are learning at a young age just how much fun school can be!

The Preschool Team (top middle, top right) is made up of dynamic teachers and teacher assistants. Each person brings an individual spark to our team that makes our preschool amazing. We wouldn’t have the marvelous program we have without their creativity, dedication, sparkle, commitment, and loving care for each child. We’re so lucky to have these teachers in our school!

The Parent Educators (bottom) in our In Home Family Support Program bring depth of knowledge and experience that is priceless. Each Parent Educator is invested in our families and uses their knowledge to support and care for others in ways that cannot be matched. Our program is made better every day because we have Parent Educators who connect school and community, who love and care for our families, who work to build relationships, and who love with their whole hearts.

Our Early Learning Center would not function without the significant contributions of our Program Aides (middle). We are so fortunate to have these individuals who ride the bus with our children and spend time in classrooms, creating safe and loving environments for children to learn. We’re grateful every day for the presence of people who care about our students -in and out of the classroom- like our Program Aides do.

Katrina Herd, Early Learning Center Director

Early grades are foundational in setting the habits of high expectations for academics and behavior for our students with the focus on Literacy and Arithmetic’s. The teachers in Kindergarten – 2nd grade (top left, top middle) set the habits that students will carry the rest of their lives. These teachers are essential in providing the structure necessary for student success. The school could not be successful without them.

By teaching local, world, and historical views, the teachers in 3rd – 5th grade (bottom) provide each student an opportunity to learn a new perspective. These teachers build the knowledge and skills students need to deepen their understanding of the world around them. They teach increasingly difficult math and science concepts; as well as, increasing the student’s ability to communicate through their speaking and writing. These teachers are essential in strengthening the individual child’s understanding of how they can contribute to others. 

Our 6th grade (top right) teacher connects elementary to middle school with his expectations of school work. The students learn to work independently and with others to solve real world problems. Their communication skills are strengthened and more difficult topics are addressed. The ability he has to work with young minds and expand their horizons is in high demand and he is constantly focused on meeting the needs of his students. Students look forward to being in his class.

Katina Santamaria, Charter School Principal

The rise of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic caused distress among our disadvantaged communities. Since digital devices and internet connection aren’t readily available in our families’ homes, it’s important for Guadalupe School to help provide them with access to digital learning tools and technologies. Please click here if you would like to help reduce educational disruption for children and create new possibilities for learning. We are grateful to our teachers for their prompt adaptation and giving us the opportunity to continue our students’ educational growth!