Providing diverse families with education, resources, and community


Personalized education with a focus on literacy

Transforming lives through education.

For over 57 years, Guadalupe School has served our city’s diverse community through educating students, the majority of which are Hispanic and Latino. Guadalupe programs serve children from birth through sixth grade. Through personalized education with a focus on literacy, we set the stage for them to have academic success throughout their lives. 

We also teach English classes, citizenship classes and provide career pathway planning to adults. Our school serves the entire family, not just our students. By removing barriers for the immigrant community, we help advocate for their needs and celebrate their heritage.

Building bridges and advocating for our students and their families through education

Guadalupe School serves students and families from communities that are often excluded from mainstream social, economic, and educational life. The majority live at or below the poverty level, experiencing insecurities in food, employment, and housing.

English is not the primary language spoken in the home, making success in traditional schools challenging. Through five main educational programs focused on literacy, students build a solid academic foundation, and receive other essential services to keep them focused on learning. Guadalupe School provides a steady and supportive community among our students and families. We believe everyone deserves a chance to live full, successful, and happy lives.

Guadalupe School's Story