Toddler Transitions

Supporting one and two year olds in their development in a fun and safe space

Ensuring your child’s first experience with school is a positive one!

Guadalupe’s Toddler Transitions program is the perfect place for your child’s early learning and development. We want your child to have a positive first experience with school. Our program is a perfect way to ensure that school is a safe, caring and exciting place to be.

We partner with parents to build a bridge between home and school. As nurturing partners with families, we provide essential early education and care, allowing our youngest learners to become adjusted to a school setting.

Focused on individual development, Toddler Transitions focuses your child on speaking and socialization experiences to build skills. Classes include hands-on activities and small-group instruction. Toddler Transitions meets their toileting, food, emotional, and social needs while at school.

Toddler Transitions serves children who are ages 1 and 2 on or before September 1st of the upcoming school year.

The toddler transitions schedule is as follows.

AM Half Day Toddler Transitions Class Schedule:

Monday-Thursday, 8:00AM-11:00AM, children ages 12-24 months

PM Half Day Toddler Transitions Class Schedule:

Monday-Thursday, 12:00PM-3:00PM, children ages 24-36 months

Our program operates to support teaching and learning at all ages and stages of life. Adults who enroll in Guadalupe’s adult education program are given the option to leave their children in the care of our early care and learning providers. These highly-qualified providers care for the children of adult students, providing a safe, loving, consistent, language-rich environment for children to engage with.


For more information, contact Rubya Alailefaleula at 801-531-6100 (ext. 103) or at her email,


Toddler Transitions
Toddler Transitions