English Tutoring

Want to lend a hand where it really counts? Our Adult Education tutoring program needs volunteers!

Adult Education utilizes volunteers as learning coaches to teach English as a Second Language to low-income, immigrant adults.

Instruction takes place in small groups (2-4 people per group). Lessons are mainly competency-based, with a focus on life skills rather than grammar rules.

The volunteer will be assigned a regular group, with whom s/he will meet one evening each week, from 7-9 PM. Students come to school two evenings per week, which means that each volunteer has a counterpart, who meets with the group on an opposite night.

Upon arriving at the school, the volunteer finds a lesson plan and all necessary materials prepared. The volunteer and his/her students work through the lesson plan; the professional staff is present to assist in any way needed.

Learning coaches do not need:

1. To be proficient in a second language. The professional staff will assist the volunteer in learning communication strategies to bridge language gaps.

2. To plan lessons or create materials. The professional staff will prepare a complete lesson plan, ready for the volunteer to teach to the student group.

3. To have any teaching experience. The professional staff will provide guidance; the lesson plans are carefully detailed so anyone can present the material, regardless of experience.

Learning coaches do need:

1. To be willing to follow the lesson plan supplied by the professional staff.

2. To commit to one night per week for at least three months. (An occasional absence is not a problem – a substitute will be found to teach the absent volunteer’s group.)

3. To participate in a 2-hour volunteer orientation before beginning volunteer work. Orientations are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 PM.

To volunteer, contact Drew Van Dyke at 801-531-6100 (ext. 325) or drew.vandyke@guadschool.org.