Why Support Guadalupe?

Together we can support marginalized communities and help them succeed.

For over 56 years, Guadalupe School has served our city’s diverse immigrant and refugee communities, the majority of whom are Hispanic or Latino. Guadalupe is more than just a school—we are a full-family organization dedicated to improving lives through education-based programs and services designed for children and adults alike. Through personalized, needs-based education with a focus on literacy, we help set the stage for academic, economic, and social success. Through removing literacy and language barriers and providing access to vital resources, our families build skills for greater self-advocacy and a brighter future. 

Who do we serve?

Guadalupe School serves families in the Poplar Grove, Rose Park, and West Valley City area. Characteristics of the children and families living in these neighborhoods include:

  • Unemployed percentage above the state average
  • Median household income below the state average
  • Foreign-born population percentage significantly above the state average
  • Renting percentage above the state average

We estimate that 95% of our families live at or below the poverty level. Many of the families we serve are headed by either young parents, or by non-english speaking parents, some of whom are new to the U.S.

Why Support Guadalupe School?

While Guadalupe receives state and federal government funding, and the support of community businesses and foundations, we rely on the generosity and the partnership of individuals to help bring our mission to life.

When you make a contribution to Guadalupe, you’re supporting the advancement of disadvantaged children and families, helping them in their journey of learning and building skills to elevate them from a generational cycle of poverty and to living a happy, healthy, and full life.