In-Home Family Support

Helping families become their baby’s first teacher through in-home education and support

Our family educators are here to support and teach young families skills to navigate parenthood.

Becoming a new parent can be scary, and is a big responsibility. Guadalupe School’s In-Home Family Support Program is here to help you!

Guadalupe School’s In-Home program is a free, education-based program that offers support to you, your family, and your child from prenatal to age 2. When enrolled, you’ll be paired with a Parent Educator who’ll visit you at your home. Your educator will teach lessons to benefit you and your child. You’ll learn the basics of child care, nutrition, and ways to build a relationship with your child through touch, talking, and play. Our Parent Educator will work closely with you to support your individual and family needs.

The In-Home Family Support Program serves 36 families, and provides weekly visits from their assigned Parent Educators. Our In-Home teachers are excited to help you and your family.

Looking for additional resources? Check out these sites: – Utah Division of Child and Family Services – services such as housing and utility assistance, food resources, legal aid, and more


For more information, contact Rosie Hernandez at 801-531-6100 (ext. 108) or


In-Home Parent Educator
In-Home Parent Educator
In-Home Parent Educator
In-Home Parent Educator


Now enrolling students for the Early Learning Center and K-6 Charter School