For over 50 years Guadalupe School has served our city’s Spanish speaking community. We serve children from birth through sixth grade. Through personalized education with a focus on literacy, we set the stage for them to have academic success throughout their lives. We also serve adults through English and citizenship classes as well as vocational training.

Guadalupe is more than just a school. We are a full family service school. We remove transportation barriers by picking up each student from their home, and dropping them off each day. We provide breakfast, a fresh fruit/vegetable snack and lunch each day. Our students receive vision, dental and health screenings. We also provide art, dance, physical education supplement education instruction. 

Guadalupe Educational Programs not only help educate the Spanish speaking population, but we build bridges so that our families can find community and live full, productive lives. 

Who we serve

Guadalupe School serves families in the Poplar Grove, Rose Park, West Valley City area. 

The characteristics of those neighborhoods include:

  • Unemployed percentage above the state average
  • Median household income below the state average
  • Foreign born population percentage significantly above the state average
  • Renting percentage above the state average

We believe that 95% of our children hail from families with income at or below the federal poverty line. Many of the families we serve are headed by either young parents, or by non-English speaking parents, many of whom are new to the US.