School Wish List

Balls (soccer, basketball, footballs)
#2 Pencils
Activity Tree for Chicka Chicka Boom
Bean bag chairs (child size)
Bluetooth speaker
Book glue and book tape
Building Language Discovery Boxes
CD player with headphone jack
Chart paper
Clorox wipes
Colored markers (board and fine tip)
Colored pencils
Construction paper
Dividers for binders
Dress up costumes (contact us for some fun ideas)
Electronic pencil sharpener
Exercise balls
Fine tip dry erase makers
Fine tip highlighters
Jumbo cardboard building blocks
Kinetic sand ​
Lakeshore Learning Storytelling Kits
Large plastic beads
Lincoln Logs
Lysol Spray
Magnetic building blocks
Math base 10 blocks (6-10 sets)
​Mindware Science Kits
Paint dots
Permanent markers
Pipe cleaners
Play tools 
Poster board
Scrap-booking materials
Small, portable white boards for students
Soft building blocks
Stamp pads
Throw pillows of any size, preferably with washable covers  
Tinker toys
Turtle food
Washable paint
White card stock
Ziplock bags (all sizes)​