COVID-19 Updates

Updates—as of September 9, 2021

Dear Families,

As we keep in contact with the health department regarding COVID, we have received clarification regarding what it means for a student to be exposed. On a day that the children attend school, if a child has COVID symptoms and a positive COVID test, the children in that child’s class are considered exposed to the virus. The school will notify the families of all children in the class. It is different if the child does not have symptoms: If a member of a child’s household tests positive for COVID and the child does not have symptoms and tests negative, only the child is considered exposed to the virus and must stay home for 7 days. However, the other children in the child’s class are NOT considered exposed to the virus. The school should NOT notify other families in this situation. Thank you for understanding as we work to keep you informed while also following our operation requirements.


Ms. Katina Santamaria, Principal
Dr. Leilani Clark, Vice Principal
Dr. Katrina Herd, ELC Director

As we approach the fall and winter seasons, we are acutely aware of how children carry and share germs in preschool classrooms. I understand that this is a concerning time for all of us and I want to be sensitive to all the needs of our families. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify our response procedures when a positive Covid case is reported among our preschool students.

  1. Communication with the sick child’s family, including asking when symptoms first appeared and when a positive test was obtained
  2. Communication with student families, including if/when a group of children were exposed, if/when a classroom will need to be closed and for how long
  3. Communication with Dr. Leilani Clark, the representative at Guadalupe appointed to communicate with the Department of Health, ensuring that we are following all correct quarantining procedures and notifying the appropriate people of our infection rates.

Please know that a safe and healthy learning environment for your child is my top priority each day. I welcome your questions or concerns at any time and I will do my best to keep children and families safe as we move forward.

With Care, 

Dr. Katrina Herd
Guadalupe ELC Director

As our 2021-2022 school year begins, we do so with safety and caution. For the well-being of our students and staff, we continue to review CDC and local health department requirements to make adjustments as necessary.

We have rapid COVID tests on site, with results in just 15 minutes, for any students or staff member concerned they are sick.

Our staff and teachers have been fully vaccinated.

All safety protocols remain in place: social distancing, hygiene practices, cleaning/disinfecting routines, and staying home if sick.

Information will be updated as conditions change and will be available on our website.

Early Learning Center

As of September 8, please read about the following updates to our Early Learning Center.

ELC Mask Policy: The preschool classes -children and teachers- are required to wear masks when they are in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, busses). When in the classroom, vaccinated teachers are allowed to remove masks. Children are enthusiastically encouraged to wear masks while in the classroom. All parents, regardless of vaccination status, are required to mask while inside the school. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

ELC Illness Procedures: We receive updates monthly from the health department on all COVID cases reported in each area and each school in Utah. Dr. Clark reviews the information and then communicates to all our programs what we need to be cautious of. We make our best judgement about when to test a child based on information we receive from parents, the number and severity of symptoms the child exhibits, and the observations made by the teacher. Our school has testing supplies for students and staff that show results within 15 minutes. When a child is sick with any illness, they are isolated from other children in the school’s sick room and parents are contacted. With parent permission, the school performs a rapid test. If a child or adult is showing signs of illness (cough, runny nose) and the COVID rapid test is negative, they are permitted to stay at school, but they are required to wear a mask in class. If the child has a positive COVID test, they are picked up and taken home. The child may not return to school for 1 week. After a week, the child must be tested again (either at the school or another location). If they have a negative COVID, they can return to class. If not, the child must stay home for an additional 3 days (10 days from when they first tested positive) at which point they may repeat their COVID test. The child is required to stay home until they have a negative test result and are symptom-free for 24 hours. The procedure for adults is similar, with the exception that adults are responsible for reporting their own symptoms and determining if they need to test.

Charter School

As of August 23, all classes -children and teachers- are required to wear masks when they are in common areas (hallways, bathrooms, busses). When in the classroom, vaccinated teachers are allowed to remove their masks for instruction. Children will be enthusiastically encouraged to wear masks while in the classroom. If a child or adult is showing signs of illness (cough, runny nose) and they have a negative rapid COVID-19 test, they can stay at school but they will be required to wear a mask in class. All parents, regardless of vaccination status, will be required to mask while at school.

Adult Education

As of August 19, 100% of students, volunteers, and staff in Adult Education are vaccinated. By achieving this important goal, we can now serve more students and more tutors can volunteer. We welcome all vaccinated people who want to learn English or volunteer!