COVID-19 Updates

Updates – starting April 6, 2020

We are happy to report that we have had no COVID-19 concerns or transmissions in 2021 at Guadalupe School. We have rapid COVID tests on site, with results in just 15 minutes, for any students or staff member concerned they are sick. Our staff and teachers have been fully vaccinated but masks are still required for anyone that comes into the school.

Charter School
Beginning on Tuesday, April 6th, we will be expanding the size of our classrooms to 20 students per class. The CDC released updated standards and because desks can now be 3 feet apart (rather than 6) we now have more room to accommodate a higher number of students. The vast majority of our students will be learning in-person 4-days a week. Wednesdays will continue to be distance learning days so the school can be deep cleaned. More of our students will also be eating in the cafeteria rather than in the classrooms.

Early Learning Center
Starting Tuesday, April 6th, all of our Early Learning Center programs will be attending school in-person for 4 days a week. Wednesdays are still going to be distance learning days in order for the school to be sanitized.

All children ages 3 and up will still be required to wear their masks.

Adult Education
All safety protocols remain in place (masks, social distancing, hand washing) but we are hoping to start expanding the sizes of our classes. As vaccines have become available to all adults, we are encouraging our adult education students to get vaccinated.

Instructors are tracking information on which students have been vaccinated. If all adults in small instructional groups have been vaccinated, no masks are required during lesson time. However, all tutors and students must be masked while arriving, departing and moving through the school.

We encourage our adult education students to get the vaccine. Once 80% of our adult education students have been vaccinated the following activities can be resumed: socializing as groups, food sales open, computer lab available for unrestricted use, van service will be back to full operation, and the thrift store will once again be available.