Friday, April 9, 2021 written by Jennie Kwok. Photo by Brooke F Scott Photography.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused nationwide school closures in March 2020. Emerging evidence has shown us that the current situation is a harmful combination of learning loss through “summer brain drain” and “COVID-slide,” further increasing educational inequalities. Disadvantaged groups including single-parent households, low-income families, and people of color are being hit the hardest by these ongoing disruptions. Despite Guadalupe School’s best efforts to implement a hybrid schedule of in-person and remote learning, our families are suffering. As a result, 70% of our students have stagnated at, or fallen below grade level. This necessitated immediate academic intervention; we decided to close growing gaps in achievement by extending educational opportunities.

Many of our families are faced with poverty, low parental education, and language barriers which lead to disparities in school performance. Guadalupe School promises to boost our children’s learning with a well-balanced and personalized academic curriculum during the summer months, which will set them on the path for success. All students, preschool through sixth grade, not currently at grade level, will participate. The Summer School program runs four days a week for eight weeks, and will focus on getting our students caught up academically. The cost of Summer School will be nearly $250,000. While grants and government funding offset a large portion of the cost, we also rely on individuals like you to keep supporting our kids. Together, with your help, we will get our students back on track.

COVID-19 has disrupted traditional forms of education and continues to create challenges for our school system and students. It is imperative that Guadalupe School students’ continue their academic progress throughout the 2020-21 school year, in order to recover and grow amid the ongoing pandemic. To help our students succeed academically, we are providing resources and support to our families through a rigorous Summer School program. Act now by clicking here to donate to ensure that our at-risk children can recover from the severe effects of COVID-slide.