Pre-School, Teachers

Mrs. Brianna Bonelli

3 & 4-Year-Old PreK

Hello! My name is Brianna Bonelli. This my second school year at Guadalupe. I have worked in early childhood for ten years! I have taught preschool special education in a variety of settings for 6 years, kindergarten for 2 years, and preschool for 3 years. I love teaching and learning so much, and try to make learning a fun and engaging experience for everyone! I was born and raised in Connecticut. I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah 14 years ago, to attend the U of U, ski, and travel. I studied and taught preschool age kids abroad in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico. My last trip was to Spain, Portugal, and France in Europe. I love to explore old cities, culture, and food! My favorite subjects in school were reading and creative writing because I was able to go to new places and write my own stories.