Summer School

Extra learning and in-school time for students most in need

Guadalupe School offers extended learning opportunities for your student in a 8-week long Summer School program for approximately 120 students each year. This program is reserved for students who are not performing at grade-level and need extra support to to prepare them for the new school year in the fall. Summer months, when school is typically out of session, can lead to loss of learning, often referred to as the “Summer slide.” Our Summer School program was created in response to this need. Field trips and fun summer activities are mixed in with our academics to provide a well-rounded experience.

Understanding that many of our families work full-time, Summer School also provides a safe, engaging, and enriching place for students to be during often unsupervised months. Guadalupe School provides breakfast, lunch and a snack each day. Our busses will pick your child up, and return them home each day.

COVID-19 has been detrimental to students’ education across the state of Utah. Most students are behind, and Guadalupe students are at an even higher risk of what has been called the “COVID Slide.” As a result, we are expanding our Summer School to include ALL of our preschool through sixth grade students. Our kids need to make up for lost time due to the pandemic and we want to help get them back on track so that they will succeed in the next school year.


For more information about our Summer School program, contact Trisha Perry at 801-531-6100 (ext. 309) or