Improving student performance with enrichment activities and one-to-one academic support

After School Program

Guadalupe School has a robust afterschool program. Students are selected to participate based on their academic performance. Those that perform below grade level are asked to join Guadalupe’s afterschool program. The program serves 150 kindergarten through sixth grade enrolled Guadalupe students annually. 

Afterschool runs from 2:45pm-5:30pm Monday-Thursday. After having a healthy and substantial “Super Snack” to buoy up energy, the kids participate in Homework Hour where they receive one-on-one support from paid staff and/or Afterschool program volunteers. Students have access to tutors through the STAR program, designed to increase reading skills. 

Once Homework Hour ends, our students can choose to rotate amongst  group enrichment sessions including, but not limited to, violin, music, indoor or outdoor sports (such as tennis on the courts adjacent to Guadalupe), and special programs on social development relevant to the elementary aged student. Students enjoy designated computer lab time where they can work on their computer literacy and keyboarding skills.   

Through the afterschool program Guadalupe School strives to: 

  1. improve student academic performance 
  2. improve English skills for English Language Learners
  3. increase access to enrichment activities including STEM, art, and recreation
  4. provide social and emotional learning opportunities 
  5. Increase parent and family involvement in the educational life of the child.   


For more information, contact Trisha Perry at 801-531-6100 (ext. 309) or