School Bus Driver (2)

Guadalupe School – Salt Lake City, UT
Job Type: Full-time.
Salary: $20.00/hour

Position Summary:

Under general supervision of the vice-principal, transports students to and from school over scheduled routes and/or to/from special excursions; ensures vehicle is in safe operating condition; and ensures safety of students during transport, loading and unloading from buses; and other duties as required.

  • Transports students to and from school over scheduled routes and/or to/from special excursions.
  • Ensures the vehicle is safe operating condition.
  • Ensures the safety of students during transport, loading and unloading from buses. Files all required reports.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Drive a school bus to transport students safely to and from designated locations in a timely manner, following established routes
  • Load and unload students in a safe fashion
  • Conduct extensive pre-trip inspection and test of brakes, steering and suspension to ensure safe and proper operation conditions (e.g. stationary inspection of both outside and inside mirrors to ensure maximum visibility, windshield wiper inspection, inspection of various safety equipment to ensure proper working order, visual inspection of warning lights and other light system to ensure proper working order, inspection of all gauges to ensure working order, checks tires, oil, gas, anti-freeze, water, windows, fan belts, cleanliness and all items on pre-trip inspection form).
  • Perform daily post-trip inspection (e.g. check for damage to bus interior, check fuel, put articles left by students in lost and found.)
  • Maintain required reports and submit required school reports
  • May meet with principal, vice principal, students and parents concerning student needs or discipline problems
  • Follow school-wide discipline plan both on and off the school bus. Instruct all students in proper loading, unloading, enroute riding and safety procedures to ensure their safety. Instructs all students in evacuation procedures.
  • Provide basic first aid, if necessary
  • Attend meetings, trainings, etc. for the purpose of maintaining skills and meeting the certification requirements of a school bus driver
  • Cleans assigned vehicles (e.g. sweep and mop inside of bus, wipe down seats, clean windows, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring safety, appearance and sanitation of the vehicle.
  • Report bus problems in a clear and concise manner for the purpose of maintaining safe driving and operating conditions
  • Maintain regular and predictable attendance for the purpose of fulfilling job requirements efficiently and effectively
  • Maintain fluids, such as gas, oil, water, anti-freeze, etc., in assigned vehicle for the purpose of maintaining vehicles in safe operating condition.
  • Assist other personnel as may be required for the purpose of ensuring an efficient work environment


  • Must have valid Class B CDL
  • School Bus Endorsement
  • Air Brakes Endorsement
  • Passenger Endorsement

COVID-19 considerations:
Guadalupe School has put all safety measures in place as recommended by the Utah Department of Health including the use of face masks, social distancing, and cleaning and sanitizing of work spaces.


Please send a cover letter, resume, and 3 professional references to Colleen Baum at to apply.

Call 801-531-6100 (ext. 316) to learn more about current job openings.


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