Monday, May 10, 2021 written by Jennie Kwok.

It is widely known that disadvantaged children perform drastically lower on academic tests when compared to their more privileged counterparts, but you may be surprised to discover just how much of a drastic effect that the care kids receive both inside and outside of school has on their physical health, social development, and future well-being. Problems facing our low-income families like separation from their mothers and fathers, improper care at the hands of new parents, and lack of financial support for basic necessities frequently troubles their households. We at Guadalupe school feel that these kids need an opportunity to celebrate and be celebrated themselves!

Children’s Day (Día Del Niño) is an annual celebration held on April 30 throughout Mexico and many other Latin countries. This holiday was founded to highlight the importance of adequate care and appreciation for children from all backgrounds. Children deserve to grow up feeling safe, protected, and healthy which requires support in a nurturing environment. That’s where Guadalupe School comes in; as a transitional school where students can navigate across our bilingual educational programs, including: In-Home Family Support, Toddler Beginnings, Preschool, Charter School, and Adult Education. The way these children are raised has a major impact on their physical, emotional, and cognitive development—so we must preserve the prospects of their future by demonstrating our love and acceptance!

We loved celebrating the Mexican holiday of honoring children with the Consulado de Mexico. Consul Borjon personally handed out delicious popsicles donated by Rancho Markets to all of our students. Thank you for making our students feel special! As both educators and caregivers, we are always in need of assistance in providing this younger generation with a supportive and happy childhood. Please click here to learn about more ways you can get involved in helping the Guadalupe School family.