Tracy Strauss | Art Teacher

Our art program focuses on a great multitude of skills and practices. We learn how to draw from observation, paint, weave, sculpt with clay, construct forms, collage, fold, and collaborate! Most importantly in the art room we learn that usually things don’t turn out exactly how we expected and that’s part of what makes our creations great. We learn to value our independent problem solutions, which helps us understand that our art doesn’t look like anybody else’s. We learn that sometimes art is challenging and that with persistence we can be successful. This success culminates in art that students are proud of. 


Tracy Strauss

I have been teaching art for 20 years, 10 of them at Guadalupe school! It is hard to imagine a more fun and creative job. We have been lucky to have our art program supported by the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program. In art class the students look forward to making art from all different media. Art is a vital part of a child’s academic and emotional growth.