Skyler Buckland | 5th Grade

I know it will be a wonderful adventure this year and many things will be new and exciting, but I also know that if we work together, we can make this year successful and fun. I know it will be an adjustment for many as we transition back to a traditional school day with all students in the building everyday, so communication is very important. Please make sure your contact information is up to date at the front office to make communication easier. I will be sending home a weekly learning plan with upcoming events, that week’s learning goals, etc. Please make sure you are checking this learning plan so you are aware of what is happening in class each week. I will also be posting announcements on our classroom page found on the school website, in Google Classroom, and in a weekly email.

Skyler Buckland

My name is Skyler Buckland, and I go by Ms. Sky. I am super excited to teach 5th grade this year. I have been teaching for the past 7 plus years and have taught Kindergarten to College aged students. However, upper elementary is my favorite. I have two bachelor’s degrees and am currently working on my professional licensure with plans to finish this year. I believe it is important to honor students as individuals and to recognize them as a community of learners within the classroom. This means that I ensure that I work with students where they are in the learning process and that I consider them to be valuable contributors of knowledge within our classroom learning space. In my free time I enjoy nature: hiking, camping, backpacking, and exploring the wild. My favorite creations are trees and plants.