Jamie Jensen | 3rd Grade

Week of March 8 – March 12


Upcoming Dates
  • Thursday, March 18–Spring Picture Day


Specials: P.E. and Technology
  • Tuesday, March 9 (A Students)
  • Friday, March 12 (B Students)


Learning Intentions
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
    • Sarah, Plain and Tall
      • I can use story structure to retell a story.
    • Adverbs
      • I can explain what adverbs are and use them in a sentence.
    • Spelling Words: Words with -ing and -ed
      • drop the ‘e’ and add -ing or -ed
      • double the consonant and then add -ing or -ed
  • Math
    • Multiplication and Division Word Problems
      • I can use CUBES to find information needed to solve word problems.
      • I can multiply and divide with and without regrouping.
  • Science
    • Weather Patterns and Data
      • I can explain weather patterns in different regions of the world.


Jamie Jensen

Jamie was born in Utah, but moved frequently for the first part of her childhood and spent a good number of years in Texas while growing up. As a child, Jamie knew that she would grow up to be either a teacher or a pediatric nurse. She began attending the University of Utah with a plan in place to eventually graduate from the College of Nursing and began working at a child care center on the university campus causing her to change her mind and switch to education. She graduated with a B.S. in Education in 2010 and began working in the Early Learning Center in the preschool program in August of that year. She has been a teacher at Guadalupe ever since moving from preschool, to second grade and finally in her current position in third grade. Jamie also supervises the OST programs (Afterschool and Summer School) and loves having adventures all year round that she normally would not experience; with the additional bonus of being able to have these experiences with past and future students. When Jamie is not at Guadalupe School, she is usually spending time with her nieces and nephews, watching a movie (action or comedy, please!), or relaxing with a good book. This is her 11th year at Guadalupe and she has loved every minute of her time here.