The Importance of Summer School for Guadalupe School

The COVID-19 pandemic caused nationwide school closures in March 2020. Emerging evidence has shown us that the current situation is a harmful combination of learning loss through “summer brain drain” and “COVID-slide,” further increasing educational inequalities. Disadvantaged groups including single-parent households, low-income families, and people of color are being hit the hardest by these ongoing […]

Women in Charge at Guadalupe School

Throughout history, we have seen powerful and inspirational female figures advocate for women’s rights and equality—defying the odds and becoming accomplished in all aspects of life; whether it be science, technology, government, literature, math, art, sports, or medicine. Despite these achievements, we continue to be constrained by a patriarchal and discriminatory society, which is particularly […]

Marathon Petroleum Brings New Beginnings to Guadalupe School

Due to growing inequality in the neighborhoods surrounding Guadalupe School, most of our students are more vulnerable and less able to adapt to ongoing gentrification. This relocation of wealth, expensive housing, and prioritization of commerce is known for displacing longtime residents. It becomes increasingly difficult for these families to save money, which means that during […]